My Journey Through Fashion

A REVOLUTION is a dramatic, wide-reaching change in the way something works or people's ideas about it. I think it is time for a dramatic, wide-reaching change in fashion! In the past, fashion has told us what beauty is and what "looks good this season." The new-look is always shown on a beautiful, long-legged, symmetrically proportioned model. The largest percent of the world's women do not look like this, yet we all try to, and many of us fail because of genetics. No matter how hard I try, I will never grow long, sexy legs. A pair of jeans, no matter how expensive, will never make my butt look small. I could starve myself, and my butt would still be the biggest part of me, and my legs will still be short. I believe that women are overly critical of their appearance. They either try very hard to camouflage their flaws or they take the attitude of not caring. Some may even stop trying because they will fall short of the "perfect model." They constantly compare themselves to others, which creates competition instead of camaraderie.

My Fashion Revolution
My Fashion Revolution

Encouraging Women to Live Life on Purpose

My purpose in writing MY FASHION REVOLUTION is to help people, especially women, to recognize what is good about them, what makes them different, and most importantly, how to play up those differences to enhance a unique kind of beauty. I want to teach people to know how to look good exactly the way they are. My dream is to see women accept and like themselves. This will cause women to accept and like each other. I believe this will automatically create camaraderie instead of competitiveness.

In Brene Brown's research, she names women's number one fear or shame is their appearance. I hope to direct women to know how to embrace who they are and what they look like. I believe by doing this, women will gain the freedom to move past themselves and be able to confidently make a difference in their own corner of the world.

A Bit About Therina

I am a Utah native. My most favorite thing in the world is my family. My husband Don and I have been married since 1978. We have four awesome children and seven grandchildren. Families are the best way to learn about different personalities! All were raised in the same house yet very different. We do have all seasons in our family. I love reading, oil painting, photography, running, biking, cooking; my list of hobbies goes on and on. I love watching the sunrise and the sunset. Nature is so amazing!  I have worked as a hairstylist for a day or two. This is where my interest in people watching developed into creating My Fashion Revolution.

I have noticed and loved fashion all my life. As a child, my mother made my clothes, or they came from a bag someone gave us. I loved taking the clothes out of the bag and hoping I was lucky enough that they would fit me. I do remember noticing how some things looked good, and other styles did not. I recall noticing when the midi-dress length was a new style. My mother sat up late and made me a calf-length dress. It was big orange gingham checked. The dress was very cool, but as I recall, I think I wore purple knee-high sox and tennis shoes with that dress. What a sight! I was in 5th grade. Maxi dresses were the rage then. I recall being afraid my new length of dress might just look like it was a "flood" (that's what we called pants that were too short.) It was risky wearing something different.

That year in school, I remember having a guest speaker come and talk to us about how to match our clothes. It was fascinating to me. As I sat there, I looked down at my clothes and realized they did not match! That day I had on blue and white striped denim pants and a totally different color of a blue sweater with red stripes on the front in a v-shaped pattern. Not a pretty combination. I could hardly wait to get home and change. How embarrassing to not match, a concept I had never heard of! I am pretty sure Mr. Pierson had that lady come and talk to our class because of my wardrobe choices. Never did my mother tell me my clothes didn't match. My mother was practical, she had eight children, and as long as our clothes were clean, we were good to go.

Check out my birthday photo. Too bad, it is black and white! The top is blue and white gingham; the pants were deep orange-yellow jungle animals. NOT good colors or prints together even by today's "anything goes" standard. From that 5th grade class on, I have loved putting outfits together. (Thank you, Mr. Pierson)

I was very obsessed with color analysis in the early '80s. I loved it so much that I taught color analysis classes in homes and in hotel rooms. We had lots of fun! Here we are today teaching from the internet. (just see how things change if you live long enough.)