DIY Personal Makeovers

Become Empowered to Be You

We have all seen makeovers that are amazing. As a hairdresser, I have had the honor of doing many makeovers. A makeover is often a gift from someone because they love them and want the receiver to be more than they are presently being.

We believe a makeover gives the receiver more self. It does! Until they try to recreate it on themselves. When the receiver sees me, they apologize because they can't do it like me. Since they can't reproduce the look, it gives them one more reason to be down on themselves or to "be stupid."

You have heard the saying, "give a man a fish and you feed him today. Teach a man to fish, and you empower him for a lifetime". Learning to understand and own your unique beauty will change your life! When you take the time to learn about yourself, understand your body, your personality your facial features, you will learn why they are perfect for you.

When you learn to embrace your face, love the body you live in, and understand the colors, textures, and shapes that look best on you, you become empowered to be you! This is what will truly give you confidence. It will enable you to quit comparing yourself to others and be glad that you are you!

The following pictures are of ladies who have learned their season and the colors, textures, and shapes of clothing that look best on them. I did not do their hair or makeup. They understand themselves and what looks good on them. Not everyone wants to look like a runway model, but we all want to look our best without having to work too hard. Once you learn your best colors, textures, and shapes, you can quickly and easily get ready without even thinking because everything you own is on your "vibe."

Side Note: This is very amateur photography, but that is what a DIY makeover is all about. Every day people are doing their thing. You can see the difference very clearly even though they are not in a studio with great lighting and a professional photographer.

Summer Vibe

These ladies are the "Summer Vibe." The colors which are best on a "Summer Vibe" are colors with grey added to them—muted pastel colors. The texture is soft, comfortable fabrics. Filmy, flowing, draping fabrics. The shapes of edges and prints on fabrics are oval, elongated, and detailed. Charcoal grey is one of "Summer's" basic colors.