Dress For Your Body Shape

Your shape does not matter Your Fashion DNA does!

There are so many articles teaching us how to dress according to our body shape. Are you a pear, an apple, hourglass… body shapes have been given many names. Why  should  we learn to camouflage ourself?  Does this seem wrong to you? No one should need to hide their real self!!

Instead of looking at body shape lets connect Fashion DNA to clothing.

The ladies in the pictures below have very different body shapes, yet they all look fabulous with a big flashy low hip belt. In fact they look thinner wearing a belt. this is because of they have an “Autumn” Fashion DNA.

Your shape does not matter! Your Fashion DNA does!

"I am not beautiful like you, I am beautiful like me, and we are both beautiful, especially because we are different!"

Why learn your fashion DNA? It seems we all like to read fashion rules and advice, so let's look at some new ideas. 

Instead of learning to look different or hide who you are let's talk about understanding who you are and how to build a style that portrays who you are through your clothing. This is easy to do following natures example. When you look at the pictures above you can absolutely see the influence of autumn in the colors, shapes and textures of the clothing.

Go to our Pintrest board to see examples of each season.

To find your Fashion DNA read the book My Fashion Revolution