Dress Your Age

Know Your Fashion DNA... You Will Rock Your Outfit

If you wear the right color texture & shape as your body’s “DNA” it  doesn’t  matter your age.


All 3 of these ladies look fabulous in this same top.

Wearing your correct Fashion DNA is ageless

When you dress in clothing that matches your  Fashion DNA you look FABULOUS no matter how old you are.

There is no need to ever dress your age. Simply dress your Fashion DNA

When You Look Good You Feel Good and You Do Good Things

Each season of nature has very specific colors, feel in the air, shapes of plants, ect. It is easy to relate to nature and recognize the colors, textures and shapes dominant in each season of the year.

It is logical to take our fashion clues from the earth instead of what society has determined is the perfect body shape.

Anything you study and learn about you are more likely to appreciate for what it is. Learning about your body & personality will do the same. 

Knowing your Fashion DNA will empower you to be you and contribute to the world in your way.